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Very interesting number puzzle to sharpen your mind

KrazzyMatrix - Asif ali Mohammad

About Game

KrazzyMatrix is an interesting number puzzle that comes with multiple levels. The game contains a matrix filled with number cells and one empty cell. You have to move the numbers in ascending order using the empty cell. When all your numbers are in order the game will end.

The game will also calculate total number of moves you performed to arrange the cells. The more the moves the less the score and the less the moves the more the scores. To unlock the next level you have to successfully complete the current level.

There are many names for this puzzle. Check wiki page for more about on N-Puzzle

How to Play

  • Just pan(Drag and drop) any number to empty cell.
  • You can only move a Neighbor of empty cell
  • Move until all cells are in right place.


  • Go to settings page to set your own colors
  • You can also restore the default colors.


Currently the game supports the following levels.
  • iPhone: 4 levels
  • iPad: 12 levels

High Scores

  • The higscore is stored for each level
  • The system will record highscore of all levels you have unlocked.

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For any issues/bugs please contact asif [at] . Do not forget to put the game name in subject line.